Life Science 1 Preface

Life Science 1 Preface


In looking back upon life science subject, exponential and drastic changes have come in the CSIR exam pattern and level. Students need more rapid and antique style to get the concepts in a short time to bring a scientific set up of their mind to solve the paper of CSIR. We rushed to find the sources from which students have been learning since years, but we noted all sources were having some lack to give the stage from zero levels to uppermost level of life sciences to every student so we collected all the lacks and problems from the students and gave a resolution on every problem's solution beneath a roof of our publication. At the same time, we had taken the decision for all students to make this book capable to take away to their home at a reasonable price. No economic barrier will become an obstacle to get the knowledge from our very first book of Let's talk Life Sciences which retains a planned, unique and interesting way to conceive the concepts with easy explanatory diagrams, flowcharts,  tables and symbols. Students may not need to mug up anything from the book. We took one year to launch this book, to make the content easy to catch and understand the concepts very well. We have sincerely taken up the hold on every page's content observing all requirements and advice of the students of Life Sciences from all over India and Foreign and from every topmost research institutes as well. We are glad to convey this outstanding and interesting book. Hope you will love it and concern us to elaborate more series to serve you all.


Our students and teachers both are our mentors for this very first book of Let's talk publication. Students from all over India and abroad from various colleges and research institutes helped us to think about the new way to deliver the concepts of Life Sciences to the minds directly in an interesting way. Several attentive, laborious and innovative persons zealed together to serve the students in the way of this innovative form which is brought out in this book at an equal stage. It would not be possible to publish this book and content without these people, we heartily thankful to Swati Sharma, Kamalkant, Om Prakash, Khushboo, Pragya, Kalpana, Santhosh, Kailash Katariya, Ajeet Choudhary, Firoz, Ravi, Akshay, Beena, Shweta, Savita, Poorva, Arpita, Ena, Prerna, Amit, Ekta and the entire team of Let's talk publication. Thank you all to make this dream true to serve the students of life sciences.

Suraj Prakash Sharma



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