5.2.         Ingression: Epithelial sheet left by the cell’s individually and forms freely migrating mesenchyme cells within embryo or individually, migration of cells into the embryo.

5.3.         Involution: Within embryo inward rolling of an epithelial sheet to form an underlying layer or cell sheet’s inturning above the basal surface of the outer layer.

5.4.         Epiboly: By thinning spreading of cells' sheet or one cell sheet get expended over other cells.

5.5.         Intercalation: Movement of rows of cells between one another, generating an array of cells that is thinner but longer (in one or more dimensions) or formation of the single layer of the epithelial cell through merging of multiple cell layers.

5.6.         Convergent Extension: Intercalation of rows of cells in a highly directional manner.

5.7.         Delimination: Migration and splitting of one cell sheet into two cell sheet.

5.8.         Condensation: Formation of an epithelial structure from loosely pack mesenchyma.

5.9.         Dispersal: Conversion of epithelial cells sheet in to lose mesenchyme.

5.10.      Egression: cells' movement from interior to exterior.

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